We Can't Guarantee Love. But We Certainly Increase Your Chances.

How do you meet the caliber of person you are looking for?

Relying on a chance meeting at the grocery store, or an introduction within your own social network, is unlikely to yield results. And while online dating has become ubiquitous, it has more than its share of challenges.

Our Clientele

We cater to successful people who are selective about who they are looking for. They have often tried online dating but have been frustrated with the results. Of the large quantity of candidates, only a small percentage may be an appropriate match. The process of searching for the right person - and screening out all the others - can be a highly time-consuming and frustrating process. And even after that time investment, the potential matches may be unavailable — or their profiles may turn out to be misleading or inaccurate.

Quality Pair is not a dating site. Quality Pair is a matchmaking service dedicated to the ongoing development of a vibrant network of successful people. Our matchmakers connect individuals within that community, through a personalized and proven process.

Benefits To Clients

Save time and energy

We free you from the need to sift through dozens or hundreds of profiles

Find something real

Our clients are interested in serious relationships, not one-night stands

Meet appropriate people

We introduce you to like-minded, educated, upscale professionals from our network


Our matchmakers personally meet each member of our network, before introducing that person to a client

Get Started

Find out more about how we work, or simply contact us to learn more about the benefits of joining our service.

“As a CEO, I did not feel comfortable having my profile be so public as at [name of dating site removed]. So a couple of years ago I tried a high-end matchmaking service. The idea was good but unfortunately the people they introduced me to were not a good fit. Quality Pair really is different. I am impressed with the people I’ve met within your network – successful but not pretentious. And best of all, thanks to meeting Seth, I no longer need your service – but I will certainly recommend it!”