Carefully selected introductions

Our organization combines the time-tested, personalized process of matchmaking with modern technology and a carefully curated social network. The result is an approach to matchmaking that is efficient and effective.


When you join our service, you have the option of becoming a passive member or an active client. Passive membership is free; your profile will be screened and added to our private database, but we will not conduct any searches on your behalf.

If you join as an active client for our personal matchmaking services, our first order of business is to get to know you. Our matchmakers learn about you and, equally importantly, about the person you are looking for. We try to get a sense for what has and has not worked for you, and begin to envision an ideal partner for you.


Next we begin the process of finding people we think would be particularly compatible. In some cases, our matchmakers will immediately have another member in mind. In other cases, our matchmakers will discover strong candidates through a search within our robust, growing network of successful, attractive, single individuals - including active clients and passive members. As necessary, we will also conduct an outbound search campaign to find suitable individuals, via a process very similar to executive recruiting. In every case, all prospective candidates are screened in person by one of our team, before any introductions are made.


In some cases, the first introduction is a spot-on match; in other cases it may take longer. A critical part of our process after each personal introduction is to listen carefully to your feedback, so that our matchmakers can incorporate that information in their evaluation of other potential matches.

The entire process is discrete, private, and designed to maximize the chances of your meeting your ideal partner.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, or complete our questionnaire as the first step to joining our service.