It’s not about quantity. It’s about quality.

Attractive, successful people generally don’t have a problem finding a date – but it can be quite challenging to find the right person for a lasting relationship.

Quality Pair was founded to introduce successful people through a process that is private and exclusive, while unpretentious.


Successful people work with specialists for many facets of their lives — doctors of all specialties, personal trainers, life coaches, nutritionists, business mentors, and more. Yet surprisingly few people do the same for one of the most important elements of their life — their love life.

Why do only a fraction of the people who could benefit from a matchmaker actually use one?

Personal matchmaking can have a profound impact on the quality of somebody’s life. Our vision is to reshape the matchmaking business so that it is more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable — while retaining the high level of care and attentiveness that makes matchmaking so successful. We do this by equipping a team of skilled matchmakers with proprietary, sophisticated technology that allows them to be more efficient and more effective than has ever been possible in the long history of personal matchmaking.


Quality Pair was founded upon a simple proposition: the quality of your life is dramatically influenced by the quality of the people you spend your time with.

Our clients recognize that dedication. Every day, we continue to build a robust network of successful, intelligent, active people. Every day, our matchmakers work to hand-select, from that network, individuals who we think would be compatible matches for our clients.

And we back up that dedication with our money-back guarantee.

Find out more about why we’re dramatically different from a traditional online dating site, or simply contact us.

“Every so often I would try the dating sites again, in the hopes of having a better experience than the time before. Each time was as frustrating at the last! I have to say, Now I KNOW there is a better way – and I want to thank your team for it!”